Dusza (Soul)

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(…) ludzie sami są jak tunele: jak kręte, ciemne przestrzenie i głębokie jaskinie. Nie da się poznać wszystkich zakamarków ich duszy. Nie można ich sobie nawet wyobrazić.

Lauren Oliver – Pandemonium
(…) people are like tunnels themselves: like winding, dark spaces and deep caves. It is impossible to know all the corners of their soul. You can’t even imagine them.


Supposedly everything is so clear, yet it’s so dark,
That I have to repeat to myself – it’s okay
And you, angel on my shoulder, stick with me
When I am losing myself, when I doubt – watch me
When my trembling heart wakes me at dawn
When life rips to shreds my network of dreams
When, despite clear predictions, I see black
Be like the light in the tunnel – guide me.

How to comfort you, what will make you laugh
Where to get the courage for the next parts

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